Flobody Family Spotlight: Brandi Rockwell

Hey Flobody Fam! Welcome to our first EVER spotlight! Meet our first spotlight, you’re going to love her:

Hello! I am Brandi, a 28-year-old, wife & mother. My family & I live full time in our RV. We are currently stationary in Iowa, however, in the winter months our location will change. I own & operate Old Soul Millennial, a second hand & vintage shop, and also work remotely as a breastfeeding peer counselor. In my youth, I was a long-distance runner. However, in my adult life, fitness became a thing of the past. After becoming a mother, I wasn’t happy with the added weight I’d put on. I would yo yo diet & workout for a day and then be frustrated I wasn’t seeing any results. It was a vicious cycle. After the birth of our second & last child, I knew it was time to get serious about my physical & mental health. I wanted to love the person I saw in the mirror but most of all, I want to make sure I am healthy so that I can be here for my children for years to come!

Tell us about your health and fitness journey. 

Honestly, I was the queen of excuses. I was too tired. Too out of shape. I didn’t have enough money. The kids needed me. I worked late. I had been programmed to think self-care was a selfish luxury, which is one of the biggest lies anyone will tell you. You can’t pour from an empty cup & I’d been doing just that for far too long. I’d give, give, give to others & then neglected myself in the process. Working from home primarily & living in a tiny RV with 2 adorable monsters makes self-care difficult.  

I absolutely love our local fitness studio.. but on days I couldn’t get there due to no childcare & my husband’s work schedule. I’d just sit on the couch in self-pity. Until I was introduced to Flobody, now I can work out rain or shine... In my tiny house or outside in my back yard. This gym has really been key to helping me stay on track with my fitness goals. My kids are no longer an excuse to not work out, they can work out right alongside me.. or I can easily pull the mat out during nap time.  This gym is compact & durable! I literally roll it up & keep it under my couch.

What does community mean to you? 

I am the type of person that needs support & accountability. I used to be embarrassed by it.. but once I found a community at Reshape & Flobody. I noticed I started to take positive steps in the right direction. I had finally committed to a lifestyle change & for once saw progress! Flobody is an amazing all in one gym but their sense of community is GOLD! Janie & Anthony are real-life people who are right along with you for the ride! They’re so supportive, cheering you on along the way. Offering tips and tricks to maintain a healthier lifestyle & their online videos make the Flobody gym easy to navigate. This product has been life-changing for me & I know it will help others around the world as well. This is the best investment I’ve made in a long time!