Flobody Family Spotlight: Crystal Volpe

Hey Flobody Fam, meet Crystal Volpe our Flobody Spotlight! Crystal became part of the Flobody Fam personally, and after using the Flobody Gym herself she decided she wanted to share it with her community through instructing!

It started with a personal passion for yoga…

A passion and curiosity in my personal yoga practice led me to complete a 200-hour RYT training in 2018. I appreciate the adaptability of a yoga practice and believe in coming to the mat with an open mind, ready to explore. I also love that yoga provides the opportunity to challenge yourself for growth in body and mind.

Favorite Flobody Move?

I love Flobody leg day! My favorite moves are the side scissor with arm press and hay balers, both delicious full-body moves.

Here's my Flobody experience...

I used the Flobody for 3 to 4 weeks when I decided I really wanted to teach a class with it! The process of transitioning from using the Flobody personally to teaching has been exciting! I have had so much support. Part of the process really has been about taking a deep breath and making the leap into something new!

I think there is a need for functional resistance training like this and the Flobody makes it accessible on so many levels. It is a perfect fit for those already comfortable with a yoga practice that are looking to build more strength but maybe aren’t interested in trading the studio setting for a gym setting. Also, the Flobody allows for modifications for various levels of ability in the same class and will continue to challenge as strength develops.

I am still in a small group situation with 5 per class. I really enjoy the way the group interacts with each other. Even in a smaller group there is so much energy moving through the room and the group dynamic is a ton of fun!

I'm noticing increased strength and energy as the top benefits, hands down!

The responses from the classes have been overwhelmingly positive: “I was sore, but a good sore.”This is a nice addition to my yoga practice.” “What class is in here before us? They are always so jazzed up when they’re leaving!”

What inspires you?

I am inspired by acts of courage. Those times when we have to muster up everything we’ve got and really dig in to do something. It isn’t always for an epic task. Sometimes it is even those small things; things that people who don’t know us very well just assume are a sure win. It is finding the courage to confront the challenge, no matter how big or small, the courage to be challenged and be changed.

 Favorite Quote?

“This too shall pass.” There are so many times when we get stuck in a moment. Realizing that “it hasn’t always been and won’t always be” can be beneficial to recalibrating our perspective.