Flobody Family Spotlight: Elizabeth Moore

Hey Flobody Fam! Welcome to our Flobody Spotlight! Meet Elizabeth, you are going to love her!

I am a mom to two wonderful busy toddlers Ellie who is 4 and Christopher will be 3. On Valentine’s Day. I have been married to my husband for 6 wonderful years. I became an LPN 6 years ago and I am two classes away from finishing my RN. I am also concurrently working on my BSN and will be moving on to my doctorate. I used to always love working out and playing sports, but my first and second pregnancy was rough and it's taken me a lot longer to adjust to motherhood than I would like to admit!

Tell us about your health and fitness journey.

I am trying to learn to love myself and give myself time and grace. The Flobody 12 week program and system give me a reason to take 30 minutes for myself.


What does community mean to you? 

As a former Army wife community has taken on several meanings and not always directly in person either. It’s been so helpful to see others encouraging everyone in the Flobody group. Janie adds this special touch and has always made me feel included and important.

What advice do you have for our Flobody Fam?

I am not sure that I am qualified to give advice but I would say that you can do big things! Give yourself time and grace and ENJOY the journey. Also, don’t let a little slip up completely derail you, I missed a couple of days with being sick and finals and having to switch to nights but life happens and you deserve to be happy and heal.