Meet Our New Yoga and Meditation Teacher!

Natalie is an eastern and western health science connoisseur. She has her bachelors of Science in Health Sciences from Sacred Heart University and then went on to study nursing at New York University. 

After college, she explored eastern and complementary medicine, completing her certification in Yoga and Reiki. Her mission is to bridge the gap between self-care and healthcare

Words from Natalie...

I am so excited to meet new people and engage with the Flobody community. My title is “instructor”, but I usually learn the most from students I guide. I am looking forward to learning and growing together, growing roots to stay connected. Human connection is what makes all of us a better person.

I am the youngest of three children and grew up in a traditional Italian household, where food is a priority, and staying connected is valued. In my spare time, I like to recreate my favorite Italian recipes by using alternative ingredients for clean eating!

When I was eleven years old I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Graves disease and treated with radiation therapy at the age of seventeen. After radiation, I had to adapt to an entirely new body, new symptoms, and a new way of living. This experience helped me understand and accept the entire spectrum of emotions and how they are linked and stored in the body.

Now, at twenty-eight years old I am confident to lead others in exploring and managing their health too. After all, our body’s only job is to keep us alive, so if you’re reading this, then hug yourself… your body woke you up this morning, how beautiful!?

And remember,

“Nothing in nature blooms year-round.”

Stream Natalie's workouts on-demand here.