"The Best Workout You Haven’t Heard Of…Yet"

Meet Kaitlyn, a fellow member of our Flobody family, and owner of Copy Uncorked!

Kaitlyn and Janie (Flobody co-founder) met at Camp Climb, where she explained how hard it was to find time to move her body even though she worked at home. Sound familiar?  Kaitlyn actually ended up winning her Flobody Gym through a Camp Climb giveaway and will be taking back her fitness with us! 

She loves her Flobody Gym so much that she decided to write a blog post about it! You can see the full post by clicking the link below:

"This summer, I attended Camp Climb in Iowa for Copy Uncorked and fatefully met Janie Kokakis, cofounder of Flobody Fitness.

When she was first telling me about it, I had no idea her and her husband invented (and patented) it!

If you’re busy (duh, of course, you are), then get ready because this is the best workout you haven’t heard of…yet! 

Janie used her love of fitness and personal training certification to create workouts for herself and now, for you and me.

If you like Yoga, Barre, and/or Pilates, then you’ll love this! As they say...

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