Well + Good Feature Article - Flobody Gym

Flobody on Well and Good

To kick things off, I had to do some Pilates—my all-time favorite workout. A few years ago, I splurged and bought myself an at-home reformer. It takes up a little too much space in my tiny apartment, but I love it and still think it was worth every cent. But when you hook up a resistance band and straps to the Flobody Gym’s body bar, you can do many of the same exercises for a fraction of the cost and space commitment. During my workout, I was amazed how challenging it was. I was working up a sweat. Then the next day, I was sore.

You can also get in an intense HIIT workout using the weights, attach the hand weights to the body bar for a challenging yoga flow, and hook your weights up to the resistance bands for an upper...

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