FAQ 42 For You

How much will it cost me?

$29… less than a tank of gas.

Do I really have to start over if I miss a task?

Yep, we are trying to build discipline here.

How do I get the free eBook?

Once you sign up, we will email it to you asap.

What is in my free ebook?

You will get the Core 3 and Eliminate 1 guidelines, 42 For You tracker, cue cards, and a personal contract. The full workbook is not included.

Where can I access the full workbook?

You will get access to the download once you start your 7-day free trial.

Where are the daily development, meditations, and mobility training videos?

Sign-up and we will show you how to access them.

If I can’t commit to a better me, how do I cancel?

On-demand > account > scroll to cancel subscription (sad face).

Will I automatically be charged after my 7-day free trial?

Yep, having some money on the table might help you commit.