Extra Band - 10lb

Extra Band - 10lb

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Experience Level: Medium (10 lb band) Looking to order an extra 10 lb band? It's totally worth it. This will allow you to do more workouts and save you time by connecting two bands together (one 10 lb band is already included with the Flobody Gym). You will be able to do some Pilates style movements like you would see on a reformer. 

Adding this band will also allow you to work both legs at once with your foot straps. 

Each band offers increased resistance when stretched without straining joints. Improved athletic function and flexibility. Great for rehabilitating injuries and helping with chronic pains.

All bands do contain latex. Only available in grey.

what you get
Rolled Into One

Complete with a body bar, removable weights, resistance bands, handles, and foot straps that allow you to get a boutique studio treatment whenever you want. 

"It’s like having a pass to any type of workout you want." - Well + Good

Shape your body from anywhere
Lengthen, Balance and Tone

The Flobody Gym gives you complete training versatility to keep your workouts fresh and your body guessing.

This system has almost everything needed for Pilates, Yoga, Hiit, Barre, cardio, core strengthening and mobility workouts.