Premium Bundle *Ankle Straps Included*


TOTAL WEIGHT: The Yoga Flexer weighs roughly 10lbs. Perfect for high repetition training and travel. Adjust by removing the handle weights if necessary.

90-DAY, 110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to love our products, so if you don't like it, return it to us. Pack and return your Yoga Flexer(s) in original packaging (including all printed inserts) within 90 days from the receipt of your shipment. It's that easy!

BUNDLE SAVINGS: The premium bundle includes our foot/hand straps, travel accessory bag and shorter resistance bands for our lower body exercises. Use the straps to target your legs, core and glutes! By getting this bundle, you don't have to buy them separately, saving you over $20.

WORKOUT GUIDES: Always train with us for FREE! Find Yoga Flexer workouts on our package inserts, Youtube, IGTV (Instagram TV), and our Facebook training group. Stream us on your TV, computer or mobile devices and let's rock together! We have 10, 20, 30 and even 40-minute workouts ready for you. Whatever duration or style you like. The exercises are endless, replicate 100s of workouts you'd see at the gym or studio.

RESULTS YOU SHOULD EXPECT: Yoga Flexer workouts focus on elongating, strengthening, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. We LOVE to focus on your core and full body workouts. Many customers see a big difference in body toning and flexibility after sticking with Yoga Flexer routines! If this style isn't for you, we have strength-focused workouts with resistance bands to add size. Remember: no fitness product is going to dramatically drop your weight. You need to eat right first! Look for some nutritional tips from us or find millions online :). Sticking to a healthy eating regimen that works for you, on top of exercise, will help your long-term health. That's all that matters. We strive to keep customers accountable when they are at home or on-the-go for 10 minutes a day. Making working out SUPER convenient. Our workouts are fun, challenging and something different to test your body and mind!

PATENT PENDING FEATURES: People always ask us how the body bar is stabilized to the mat. It's secured in place by the durable zipper attachment. Our custom double sewn & padded foot holes in the mat can be used as a mini-anchor for your feet during core strengthening exercises. The roller tube allows you to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty by adding multiple resistance bands. Make your exercises even more intense by keeping the weights inside the handles. Collapse the handles for ultimate portability.

SHOW OFF YOUR VERSATILITY: What's our favorite part? It’s perfect for any age or fitness level, allowing you to crush your workout your way! No workouts are the same, it's fun to switch it up! Challenging yourself will help you grow both mentally and physically. Yoga Flexer can be paired with many different training methods such as:

INSIDE YOUR PREMIUM BUNDLE: (1) YF custom yoga mat, (1) YF body bar, (2) handle, (2) handle weight, (2) 5lb purple resistance band, (1) 10lb purple resistance band, (2) ankle/wrist straps (max tension weight - 40lbs), (2) 5lb resistance band for ankle straps, handle connection piece (forms a straight bar), travel sling and Flobody accessory bag. 

RESISTANCE BANDS: Think the 5lb and 10lb bands aren't enough? That's not true for this system! The bands are shortened by running through our roller tube, creating more resistance and increasing the intensity. Combine 2 or 3 bands through your tube and attach them to the weighted handles for an intense strength training workout. This will be MORE than enough, it's been tested by really strong people, trust us!

The Flobody ankle straps will come with (2) short, unmarked purple resistance bands. Now you won't get them confused with your other bands, you're welcome!

Still, have Questions? Check out our FAQ or Flobody Story page for more product and company details! Let's stretch, FLEX(er) and roll out together!

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