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Flobody Gyms are sold out. Join our email list for stock alerts.

Sold Out

Flobody Gyms are sold out. Join our email list for stock alerts.

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  • Strength

    Increase the resistance as you get stronger and continue to build muscle and power.

  • Recovery

    Use a lighter band and move through mobility exercises to get rid of unwanted pain and prevent injuries.

  • Balance

    Work through unilateral movements to prevent muscle imbalances and keep you moving pain free.

Bring the Studio Home

Low-impact workouts delivered in a powerful way. Experience movements that will tone, strengthen, and sculpt your body from anywhere.

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Heather Muse, Reviewed’s audience development director, swears by it. I've lost 20 pounds since I got one back in August,” she says. “It's the only fitness program I've been following."

The Flobody Gym is essentially a yoga mat with about a dozen hidden bonuses. It's kind of like Mary Poppins' magic bag, but better.

The Flobody Gym is an all-in-one Pilates kit that has everything you need to turn your living room into your own personal pilates studio.

What looks like a rolled-up Yoga mat turns into a complete yet compact portable gym.


Netflix Star: Brianne Howey

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The Team

Janie Kokakis


Jenna West


Mimi Molina


Katie Cardner


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Flobody Fans

  • "As a New Yorker who lives in a small space and travels all the time, discovering Flobody filled me with hope."

    @natashanyanin New York
  • "Glistening after the first workout in the on-demand 4-Week Pilates program."

    @bmannjams Los Angeles