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Flobody helps you achieve the body you've always wanted through movement and functional product design.

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You are always busy, getting in a workout is always difficult. Monthly memberships are expensive. There isn't enough room in your house or apartment. 

Flobody workouts will help get you toned, target muscles you never knew you had, and help you miss less workouts without sacrificing valuable space.

Online Workouts

Get access to hundreds of workouts updated weekly and structured programs. Filter by body focus or training methods that fit your style.

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Flobody Gym

Our patent pending flagship product. Geared to maximize toning and replicate bulky equipment you see at the gym or studio - at a fraction of the price.


When I first unboxed mine, I couldn’t stop thinking, “Dang, they really thought of everything!"

Kaitlyn P.

After workout number two with upper body movements, I'm definitely in love.

Britney M.

As an engineer I am so excited by good design, and this is a good one. The straps are comfortable and the resistance bands are good quality.

Sarah W.

As a mom of two young boys going to the gym isn’t always feasible. I am so happy I took the plunge and bought this as soon as I did.

Julie B.

Opened and used my Flobody system for a yoga workout today and WOW I love this mat! The thickness really makes me engage my core more and I love that!

Libby T.

I had back surgery 2 years ago and this is the perfect workout system for me. These workouts force me to focus on my form and provides me with a challenging and beneficial workout.

Kaitlyn H.
Community Driven
Group Fitness

Mix in dance party warmups, connect mind and body, and provide a booty burn at meetups.

You can start your own local movement with the Flobody method.

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