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Enjoy quick and fun workouts without sacrificing valuable space in your home, studio or hotel room. Get a full body workout in just 30 minutes.

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Get Toned Without Expensive Machines or Memberships.

Keep your workouts engaging and your body guessing with the Flobody Gym. Everything you need for Pilates, Yoga, mobility training, core strength and HIIT at a fraction of the price.

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I started taking up yoga because I could fit the time in my schedule. I love yoga, but as a former athlete, I missed the intensity of Pilates and weight lifting. The Flobody gym promised to be the perfect solution, and I can attest that after one day of use, I think it pretty much is!

Sarah W

WOW I love this mat! The thickness really makes me engage my core more and I love that! It’s also such a long mat which is amazing! I am so excited to unlock the potential of this system!

Libby T

I had back surgery 2 years ago and this is the perfect workout system for me. Using the Flobody Gym forces me to focus on my form and provides me with a challenging and beneficial workout. Overall, I would highly recommend this product!

Kaitlyn H

My husband and I are full time RVers and travel so gym memberships are hard to maintain. I workout from home in a small space and this takes my workouts to a whole new level!

Amanda M

I received my Flobody today & could not wait to do my first workout. I chose the Seated Upper-Body Workout and I was NOT disappointed!

Sandra S
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We found that in fitness, workout variety is the key to staying motivated. That's exactly what you get with the Flobody Gym.

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Flobody Gym Premium Canvas Travel Bag
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Yoga mat bag

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Flobody 100% Natural Yoga Mat + Props Cleaner (Lavender)
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Yoga Mat Cleaner

Drip + Grip Sweat Hand Towel (3 Colors)
  • $14.00

Sweat Towel

Flobody Biodegradable Mini Glass Water Bottle (3 Colors)
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Water Bottle

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