Get a full body workout from anywhere.

Meet Yoga Flexer.

5 training props rolled into one mat. Pair this system with an array of training methods including Pilates, Barre, HiiT, sandbag, cardio and more! Any age or fitness level.

Let's talk about you.

What is your favorite way to workout? We want to help you reach your fitness goals from the studio, home, work or on-the-go. See how we can help you achieve your Flobody in just 10-15 minutes per day with our patent pending Yoga Flexer System. Click on your favorite training method below!

Easy Storage.

Yoga Flexer only takes up the space of a standard mat. Roll it up and push the handles in, it's that simple. Designed for ultimate portability. 

Just go with the Flo.

Flobody products and services are crafted for portability, while improving your flexibility and stability. We love to focus on elongating, strengthening, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. It’s our mission to provide the tools to empower your health and well-being, just as it has for us!

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