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Our Story

At Flobody, we believe in the power of consistency. We know life can be busy, and finding time for long workouts can be challenging. That's why we’ve developed a system to help you create consistency in your fitness routine. This should always be your first step. 

We take a low-impact approach, you won’t find burpees here. Our workouts are designed to improve your consistency and results without wearing you down. By focusing on low-impact exercises, we prioritize the well-being of your joints and muscles. Improving your consistency and ultimately leading to better results.

We are a family-owned brand located near Raleigh, NC. Fun fact: In 2021, we were granted a full utility patent on the Flobody Gym.

Meet Our Team

Get ready to sweat.

Janie Kokakis


Katie Cardner

Mimi Molina

Jenna West

Janie Visits Barnes & Noble