Core Blasters

Just go with the flo

Find a balance

Improving core strength will help you with better balance, posture, stability, functional strength and decreased back pain.

Flobody ankle/foot straps

If you’re looking to get tighter, toned legs and core then ankle strap exercises are one of the best ways to do just that.

Utilizing a wide variety of planes, you can add strength, size, and tightness to your legs and booty by using our Flobody ankle straps paired with the Yoga Flexer System.

"The Yoga Flexer forces me to focus on my form and provides me with a challenging and beneficial workout!"

Feel the burn

It happens. We have it. That stinkin’ lower belly pooch that just doesn't want to go away. We have targeted workouts just for that!

Engage your core

and have some fun...

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