Finally, the moment you have been waiting for... hopefully!

The Flobody 9 soft launch is here; it's LIVE. But only for current Flobody customers. Did you miss our previous emails? Watch the video above to learn about Flobody 9!

Here is what you get for joining early:

- 60-day free trial

- Exclusive early bird giveaway items

Both of these offers end on Sunday, before the official launch on Monday. Here is how you can get entered into our giveaway:

1. Join our 60-day free trial

2. Drop a comment, or engage in the "Flobody 9 Express."

Express is our community chat. A place to hang out and share your wellness journey!

You will have plenty of chances to win: a limited edition Flobody Crewneck, Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions (both on-demand sites), a Stanley mug, "Do You For You" Flobody hat or a Flobody Gym (we will refund you, or you can gift it).

Use code FLOBODY960 to start your trial at checkout (just delete the automatic code and put in the new one).

Remember to enter our giveaway by engaging in the Express community chat. Feel free to share this code with fam and friends :)

Click below to join Flobody 9, our new one-stop-shop wellness platform (no Flobody equipment necessary). 

Code: FLOBODY960