Follow this page for updates on your pre-order | (LAST UPDATED 01-10-2022)

Pre-Order Timeline

(01-10-2022) Flobody Gyms have arrived safely at our HQ. We will begin packing and shipping this Tuesday-Thursday. Please look for an email when your shipping label is printed!

(01-07-2022) The container has been collected by our trucker. Delivery to Flobody HQ has been scheduled early next week. We will ship immediately after unloading, packing and printing labels. Thanks for all of your support and patience.

The pre-order discount and 90-day streaming offer ends this weekend!

(01-05-2022) Inventory has arrived on the rail in Chicago. Hoping to get cleared soon so our trucker can pick the container up and deliver to our HQ. The goal is to ship out sometime next week!

(01-04-2022) Message from our forwarder - "I just tracked the shipment again and it is not showing arrived yet in Chicago. The shipment is customs cleared and ready to go to your location when it does arrive soon."

(01-03-2022) We are waiting on confirmation that the train has arrived in Chicago with our inventory container. Once we hear from our forwarder, we will update this page. The next step is to get the container cleared at the port and have our trucker grab the container. We will ship out immediately after!

(12-29-2021) Here is a message from our forwarder! "Good news – the shipment loaded the rail in Prince Rupert on 12/28. It hasn’t yet departed but I would anticipate a 4-6 day transit time to Chicago after the train departs. We will continue to monitor."

Update 2 from forwarder: "We rcvd the p/u# from the carrier and it has been sent to the trucker.  The carriers notice shows ETA Chicago 1/3 but we will continue to keep you updated as these dates change and are not when container is actually available for collection."

(12-27-2021) The ship has finally unloaded our container at the port! Next step is to figure out when we will get on the rail to depart to Chicago (it will then get trucked to our HQ 5 hours away). We will leave an update as soon as we hear from our forwarder.

(12-21-2021) Still no update but the map is showing the ship is still unloading containers. Our forwarder (the person that handles all of the logistics) says they have reached out to the port multiple times over the last few days for a more detailed update. Still no response. The good news this is the first time the ship has been docked/moored for several days. With Christmas this weekend, we fear an update may not come until Monday. We will give out the firm details once they are available to us!

(12-21-2021) Still waiting on confirmation that the ship is being unloaded. The screenshot above shows that our ship is docked/moored!

(12-20-2021) Waiting for confirmation that our ship has docked and inventory container has been unloaded in Vancouver (Prince Rupert Port). Next step is to get ETA to Chicago via rail. 

For the inconvenience, you will now get 90 days on-demand free with your pre-order. That's enough time to complete 1-2 full programs!

(12-18-2021) If you pre-ordered, a detailed update was sent today. Please check your spam/promotions.

(12-14-2021) Email update coming in the next couple days with more detail. We have hit more delays trying to get on the rail on the west coast. 

We are doing everything we can and we appreciate your trust in us. We feel so horrible about the delays but hope the Flobody Gym will be worth the wait! Once we get confirmation that the inventory container is on the rail to Chicago, we will send out an alert email!

Read about the Vancouver port issues here.  

Flobody Gyms are sold out. Get the Flobody Gym for $129 + 90 days on-demand access. Enough time to jump into a couple programs! 

Once pre-order discounts are completed, there will be a price increase to $199 due to rising production and logistics costs. 

Travel/storage bags will not be available due to production shortages.

The Flobody Team