Our inventory container arrived at the port 11/17. We are now waiting for the rail departure to Chicago | (11-23-2021) Major floods and mudslides have taken over the train rails in Vancouver. 

(11-29-2021) We are hoping to get an update form our forwarder tomorrow. We tracked the boat and it says it's docked/waiting to be unloaded. We consider that a win since there are 50 boats anchored out in the water. The bottle neck is out of control. Over the weekend, more rain hit the area and they shut down the rail. 

We are doing everything we can and we appreciate your trust in us. We feel so horrible about the delays but hope the Flobody Gym will be worth the wait! Once we get confirmation that the inventory container is on the rail to Chicago, we will send out an alert email!

Read about the Vancouver port issues here. 


  • Flobody Gyms are sold out. Please follow this page for any future updates. When we get news, we will post it here. Don't forget to join our email list for even more updates!
  • Pre-order bundles are ending soon. Get the Flobody Gym for $129 + 30 days on-demand access. Enough time to jump into a program! 
  • Once pre-order discounts are completed, there will be a price increase to $199.00 due to rising production and logistics costs. 
  • Travel/storage bags will not be available due to production issues.


*Estimated timeline:
Container arrival at shipping port - 11/17 (Confirmed)
Chicago yard arrival - TBD (Delay)
Flobody HQ - TBD
We will ship pre-orders immediately after inventory arrives. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to support here.

The Flobody Team