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Our Audience

Promote your product or service to an audience that is actively looking for recommendations. Our daily wellness newsletter is delivered to people who prioritize self-care, journal, track their progress, have a growth mindset, enjoy big city living, and stay active even when traveling.

Bite-Sized Overview

Open Rate XS
Subscribers XS
Women XS
Age Range XS
Newsletters349.0K DELIVERED 200.3K OPENED
Open Rate57.37%
Age Range26-60 CORE 30-45

* Last 30 days data.

Why Us

Flobody initially began with a patented at-home fitness product. However, we have expanded our reach by offering on-demand workouts, educational resources, and motivational programs.

At Flobody, we are dedicated to helping our audience achieve consistency and lead a healthy lifestyle. Through our Flobody Bite newsletter, we put in extensive effort to provide valuable tips and guidance. We take pride in curating content that benefits our customers, ensuring that the topics we write about align with their needs and interests. As a result, we are able to seamlessly incorporate advertisements that are relevant and beneficial to our audience.

Past Sponsor Example

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Limited Spots

Flobody curates valuable newsletter content to benefit our customers. We proactively select featured topics and limit advertisements to maintain quality, ensuring only one sponsor is included per email. Currently, to be featured in our newsletter, we proactively reach out to select individuals and businesses.

Our sponsorship package at Flobody is designed to provide a fair and transparent pricing structure. We base our rates on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rather than CTR (click-through rate) to prevent manipulation.

Email One includes two placements: at the top of the email and a featured placement. We prefer to write the copy, but can discuss if you'd like to provide it.

Email Two will have one "presented by" placement at the top of the email, and a placement at the bottom- next to the scramble word reveal. Our audience is already warm to your brand, increasing chances of conversion.

Your package deal includes the following:


  • One sponsor only per issue
  • Prominent top placement
  • Main Section Placement
  • Image, text (500 characters) and one link
  • $750 ($375/Email)

Meet Our Team

Newsletter Contributors

Janie Kokakis


Katie Cardner

Mimi Molina

Jenna West

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