The Story

Des MOines, Iowa

est. 2017 


Anthony and Janie Kokakis 

We wouldn't be here today without the support of our early adopters through multiple crowdfunding campaigns. We started with one purpose and that was to help busy people get fit from anywhere, at any time. The journey began in early 2017 as Yoga Flexer and we have since rebranded as Flobody.


Keep scrolling to watch highlights from our first Kickstarter pitch video. Business Insider did a feature on us! Note: this was our first prototype that went viral, built by Anthony's own soft hands. He messed up a lot in the process (measurements, cutting and drilling are not his strong suits) and spent over $800 making it for Janie.

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Warning: the video is totally embarrassing but shows how far we've come since the first Yoga Flexer prototype!

Our why

After having our son, the once daily workout routine, in college, quickly became non-existent. It seemed impossible to balance work, graduate school, and traveling to see family. Let alone finding the energy to head to the gym.

The adjustment to parenting impacted Janie the most, as leaving our little one to workout at the gym was not going to make it on her to-do list. Like many new moms, the guilt of leaving our son greatly outweighed her desire to workout. That’s when Anthony began developing the Yoga Flexer gym!