Would you pre-order the travel bag?

Pre-orders are open for a limited time. Find out the results of this poll here.

So many of you have reached out over the past year requesting the travel bag and when it will be in stock.

We had a manufacturing change but resolved it. Here's the problem:

We are unsure if it's worth it with rising costs and the shipping port crisis (delivering by boat).

It will come down to a vote... by you.

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Here is what we have decided...

We would have to ship by plane and deliver directly to our location. This will double our costs but speed up the delivery dramatically (saving additional months of waiting).

The cost of the pre-order would be $29 upfront (increase of $10 from $19).

We would need a minimum of 100 pre-orders to move forward and start production again (this would be completed in about a month).

We would expect to receive them by the end of February.

Please vote below if you are willing to pre-order and wait for the travel bag to arrive.

We will be ordering limited quantities (this vote will help us decide to move forward on setting up the pre-order page and picking a firm date).

We will update the results in a couple days.

*Note: if we don't hit 100ish pre-orders, we will refund you.