Flobody Gym Bundle [Plus]

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Brooke Scott

Treat yourself!

I wasn’t expecting this until Friday but I got it on Tuesday! I love many things about this mat, the length, color, and versatility to incorporate resistance bands into my workout and stretches. My knees have been bothering me on other mats so I have been folding it over for extra cushion! Luckily, I don’t have to do that with this mat! It has plenty of cushion and a bonus grip on the bottom of the mat so you don’t slide all over the place! This was definitely worth the wait and the customer service and communication has been excellent! I’m so excited to stream more of the workouts! Thanks for the motivation!


So excited

My Flobody Gym arrive today. I am so excited to try it out tonight. They packaged it beautifully and everything came undamaged. The color and quality are beautiful

Sarah Washko

Clever, convenient and a real workout!

Normally I don’t review products, but I have to break the rule. Today I am so excited to share what came in the mail!! First off, I love Kickstarter because it’s such an awesome way to support people and their passion projects. A few months ago I supported flobodyfitness. I forgot about it until today, when the big box landed on my doorstep. I opened it up and started working out with it immediately. In grad school it was so hard to find time to workout...but when I didn’t I felt horrible. I started taking up yoga because I could fit the time in my schedule. I love yoga, but as a former athlete, I missed the intensity of Pilates and weight lifting. The Flobody gym promised to be the perfect solution, and I can attest that after one day of use, I think it pretty much is. I am still getting used to the system, I am slow to change out the attachments, but it’s really clever and modular. I know after a few more workouts I will be able to change up configurations without disrupting my flow. Also as an engineer I am so excited by good design, and this is a good one. The straps are comfortable and the resistance bands are good quality. Plus there are so many ways to use this thing! I am excited for more workouts and for trying new things. So happy to have joined the Flobody Community!

Sarah Washko  verified customer review of Flobody Gym Bundle [Plus]
Sandra S

Absolutely incredible!

I received my Flobody system today & could not wait to do my first workout. I chose Yoga Flexer Seated Upper-Body Workout and I was NOT disappointed! I am looking forward to many more Flobody workouts, and can’t wait for the new WOs coming in September. The mat is lush! The handles are sturdy, and the bands are of great quality. I love that it’s so easy to use as well as store when needed. The Flobody team itself is incredible. They have amazing customer service and do everything they can to ensure you’re happy. They have a customer for life! TYSM.


High quality and amazing customer service!

Received my flobody gym yesterday! I'm so excited to get started using the product. The quality of the product has exceeded my expectation. This is now the highest quality yoga mat I have. Everything felt very sturdy. There were no strong plastic or rubber smells coming from any parts of the product which is something I really value when it comes to work out equipment. I experienced some issues during shipping, my packaging was slightly damaged. However, when I contacted the support email they answered within minutes. It was nice to see a company step up and stand by their product and act immediately to remedy the situation. Not only will you receive a high quality product you become part of a larger community with a founder that really wants to see everyone who purchased the flobody gym to succeed in using it!

Amanda Magby

Awesome Mat!

Just got my FloBody system and I’m so excited to use it! My husband and I are full time RVers and travel so gym memberships are hard to maintain. I workout from home in a small space and this system is going to bring my workouts to a whole new level! I love that it’s compact and I can easily store it when I’m not using it. The mat is thick and the weights and bands are great quality. I can’t wait to start implementing this mat daily! (My cat also seems to love it!)

Amanda Magby  verified customer review of Flobody Gym Bundle [Plus]

One workout down many more to go

Opened and used out my flobody system for a yoga workout today and WOW I love this mat! The thickness really makes me engage my core more and I love that! It’s also such a long mat which is amazing! I am so excited to unlock the potential of this system! So far the quality is amazing. Buy one! It’s worth it!

LibbyT verified customer review of Flobody Gym Bundle [Plus]
Stephanie Harko


I’m so excited to have this! Everything is high quality material. It’s a great work out tool for at home or on the go. Easily rolls up and rolls down and ready to go.

Morgan Lamb

Love it!

I have been working out with my yoga flexer for two weeks now. I love how the workout is low impact but still makes me sweat. I love how it is easy to do at home and the videos are easy to follow and no-frills. It is a great, growing community and I am really enjoying this product! Thanks for making my home workout fun and not intimidating!

Andrea L.

I love my yoga flexer!!

I am a work from home mom with three little kids. Going to the gym is not an option for me. I have been looking for years for some kind of exercise to do from home that I actually enjoy. I love the yoga flexer videos. They are challenging and there are always alternatives if something is a little too hard for me. Wonderful product! I love it!