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Flobody Gym

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Get a total body workout from the comfort of your own home with our patented Flobody Gym. What's Included:

(4) Resistance Bands: 

Strengthen in ways you’ve never felt before with our resistance training method that allows you to move in all different directions. 

Increase the resistance as you get stronger and continue to build muscle and power.  Most use the 5lb band with our training style, but some make it all the way up to 15lbs. A short "S" resistance band is included for increased tension.

Recovery: use a lighter band and move through mobility exercises to get rid of unwanted pain and prevent injuries. 

Connection Piece: 
Put your feet (or hands) in the straps and create those long-lean muscles you get in the Pilates Studios. Only for a fraction of the price.

Detachable Body Bar: 
Unzip your body bar and transform your fitness routine. Build strength and improve your balance and flexibility with this weighted bar.

Hand Weights: 
Did you know our handles are more than just handles? They have 2lb removable weight inserts that will take your resistance training to the next level.

Hand/Foot Straps: 
Put your feet (or hands) in the straps and create those long-lean muscles you would get in the Pilates Studios. Only for a fraction of the price.

Resistance & Weight

"S" Short band
Band #2 XS
Band #3 XS
Band #4 XS
Handle Weights x2 XS
Flobody Gym XS
"S" Short band5LB BEGINNER
Handle Weights x22LBS BEGINNER

Netflix Star: Brianne Howey


Are there tutorials?

Totally! These are so important in the beginning and will help you fully understand our training system. Check our tutorial on Youtube here.

Are there workouts to follow?

Want to get structured? Get full 6 and 12-week programs and hundreds of Flobody workouts by streaming on-demand here.

As an on-demand member, enjoy free access to our add-on streaming platform Flobody 9.

Flobody 9 features low-impact workouts outside of the Flobody Gym. Perfect for your days off. Along with yummy recipe videos and a community chat called Flobody Express.

Not ready to go on-demand? We have free workouts provided on our Youtube channel.

What are the Flobody Gym specs?

Yoga mat: 72" L x 24" W x 6 mm thick. Extra long and lightweight, non-slip texture, and made from biodegradable TPE. (2) Handle attachments - 2lbs each. Weights are removable. (3) Regular band resistance - 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb. (1) Short band resistance - 5lb.

Total package weight - 10lbs.

What are the resistance bands specs?

The Flobody Gym will come with multiple bands including a 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb band. Most don't use the 15lb band for our workout style.

Your order will include a shorter 5lb resistance band for increased tension.

Bands contain latex.